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Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a steady growth of investment portfolio and relish profits from successfful investments. We know it is not straightforward. Unless we want to rely on luck or somebody’s else opinion, we need to acquire knowledge in this vast area, develop or learn strategies that fit our personality, capabilities and needs, identify investment opportunities, learn how to manage the portfolio (and curb our emotions), and finally gain experience – probably the most significant piece in this puzzle… That’s quite a lot. Is there a shortcut? I don’t think so, at least if you think of investing seriously.

I’m an amataur investor and trader (and who is not these days?) and want to share my jurney towards – hopefully – profitable investments and sustainable growth of the pertfolio, and wealth by the way. I’m going to be documenting my current holdings, transactions, strategies, market insights and virtually every single movement in the portfolio; this is a perfect place for you if you’re looking for hints, inspiration and maybe even wish to learn a bit about:

  • current investment opportunities
  • investing and trading strategies
  • some unusual approaches to trading and investing
  • hear my approach to different asset classes and instruments (stocks, indices, ETFs, commodities, bonds and other debt securities, P2P lending, futures, CFDs, options, forex etc.)

I’ll also be sharing my personal research and computational analytics regarding different aspects of investing and trading strategies, which are greatly shaping the way I manage the protfolio, and I hope to inspire you with that. Finally, to help you recognize the investing environment, such as brokerage companies or peer-to-peer lending platforms, I’m going to prepare reviews based on my own experience from time to time.

Enjoy reading and share with your friends and family if you like it!

If you don’ like it, leave a comment and tell me what could be improved. I’m committed to make this site better for everyone.

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Who I am


Michael: 35 years old, scientist, happy father of three and husband, amateur investor and trader, living in a beautiful city of Poznan


So why I’m actually running Actually, there are a couple of reasons:

  • motivation to organize and regularly summarize my financial stuff
  • desire to share my trading strategies and possibly get feedback from you
  • to discuss existing investment opportunities
  • to earn some extra money (of course)



  • What you see here is my personal opinion, my own investments and should not be treated as investing advice
  • I’m an amateur investor
  • Products marked in bold represent affiliate links. If you click them and sign up for a service I might earn a commission (and, occassionally, you as well). This is how I can maintain the blog and make it profitable

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