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At the time of writing, I own shares of 17 US companies, hand-picked using a couple of different strategies, which I’m going to present you and justify with backtesting in the nearest future. For now, let’s just have a brief look at the holdings.

My overall unrealised profit is only $33.92 and the total invested amount is $1591.14, which translates to 2.13%. This is certainly not much but I’m now rebuilding the portfolio, many of my holdings are relatively new and have sold shares of ten stocks with a nice profit very recently (more on this later).

Akamai Technologies (AKAM)
Value $102.36
Current price $107.66
Total profit (%) 2.36
Weiss rating B (Buy)
Zacks rank 3 (Hold)
Expert recommendation Buy
Target price $117-$124

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