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I started investing in peer-to-peer lending market in August 2019 and since then I experiened a couple of ups and downs. In particular, COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in the sector, with some of the lending platforms struggling to maintain liquidity or at least getting money back from loan originators, which is partly due to new regulations (such as the one by Polish government, which allows prolonged delays in loan repayments by the originaors). This is why a few months ago I reduced my exposure to P2P lending. Now, however, the situations is gradually improving and I’m thinking of at least returning to my previous highs of invested amounts. I’m going to tell you more about my selection of P2P platforms in the nearest future and probably prepare a couple of reviews for my favourite platforms.

Regarding the below summary, this month I’ll only show you the overall profit. Next time, I’m going to add m/m profit as well. Here are my current holdings.



Value (EUR) 245.22
Profit (EUR) 45.36
Average interest rate (%) 12.47


One of most popular peer-to-peer lending platforms, easy to use (just set up your investment strategy) and all loans come with a BuyBack guarantee. I had no issues with the platform during the COVID-19 crisis.



Value PLN: 1002.76
RUB: 55711.87
Profit PLN: 282.07
RUB: 5711.10
ROI (%) PLN: 10.43
RUB: 17.89


This is certainly my favorite lending platform at the moment. It is also one of the biggest in the European market with total funding of 5.437,7m € (https://p2pmarketdata.com/) and appears to be tackling the COVID-related crisis in P2P sector surprisingly well. As you can see, I’m investing in two currencies there, my national currency (Polish zloty, PLN) and Russian ruble, which is yielding a wonderful ROI of 17.89%. Last month I increased my investment in RUB by an equivalent of 200 EUR. Of course, you can invest in EUR with Mintos as well.



Value (PLN) 650.54
Profit (PLN) 280.52
Average interest rate (%) 11.98


During summer I withdrew most of my funds from that platform; I believed this was the right thing to do to protect my money, especially that timely repayment of loans was put into question by the new Polish legislation. However the platform seems to be stable in the time of pandemic. And of course you can invest in EUR, which could make your investment less risky. Remember: P2P lending offers relatively high, steady interest rates but this is of course at the cost of higher risk. You can itigate this problem by proper diversification within a single platform as well as across a number of platforms, as I do.


TFG Crowd

Value (EUR) 250.18
Profit (EUR) 65.18
Average interest rate (%) ca. 20%


TFG Crowd is a business lending and invoice financing platform. I’ve been investing there for more than one year and I’m satisfied with investments I made. It has exceptionally high rates at Trustpilot and Google, in both cases 4.7 out of 5.0. The average interest rate is around 19-24%. Just to give you a glimpse at how the currently available loans look like:

TFG Crowd loans



Value (EUR) 435.81
Profit (EUR) 35.81
ROI (%) 8.95


Grupeer is the only platfform in my portfolio that lost a war against COVID-19 and lost liquidity in loans repayment for a number of reasons – one of them is new legistation that introduced a couple of months of grace period for loan repayments for consumers and loan originators, hence the timely repayment from the platform is impossible. Fortunately, the people behind Grupeer sem to be honest and they claim their mission in current circumstances is to make sure investors are repaid their loan principals:

As you already know, since April Grupeer has stopped the company’s economic activity – we stopped to accept new investments to focus on the priority – to fulfil liabilities towards existing investors. (Grupeer Team, Aug 31st, by email).

If Grupeer was a scam, they would have already shut down their business, which is apparently not the case. Everything else seems to point that Grupeer indeed is a scam (I don’t want to be spaculating etc. just my personal belief). Time will show.



Value (EUR) 225.99
Profit (EUR) 36.0
Expected return (%) 12.22


At this Chech peer-to-peer lending platform, more than 60% of loans in my portfolio have payments delayed for mor than 60 days. This is why I’m keeping my investment there low and I’m waiting till the situation improves.



Value (EUR) 437.96
Profit (EUR) 34.40
Rate of return (XIRR, %) 15.96


As you can see, there is a relatively high XIRR of 15.96, however most of loan repayments are delayed. See some stats from my account:

Viventor portfolio

Anyway, for me Viventor remains one of the most trustworthy platforms. The main reason is their frequent communication, updates on particular loan originators, constant development of the platform and adding new, substantil features, such as “Funds in Transit” to highlight those loan originators who contacted Viventor in respect to a particular repayment or buyback but are still due with the repayment.



Value (EUR) 226.07
Profit (EUR) 2.63
Annual ROI (%)
Annual interest rate (%)


Notably, 100% of loans I invested have status “Not overdue or payment received <31 days ago”, which is just perfect. This means the NeoFinance team is doing their due diligence in the right way. To reduce  investment risk, I’m using the Provision Fund: if a loan defaults, NEO Finance guarantees to repay investors with all the company assets as collateral. This infers additional costs (provision fund fees), which explains my low profit (the profit so far was mostly used to pay off the provision fund fees) and I’m definitely expecting the situation to improve significantly in the coming months.

If you login through this link, you  will receive 1% bonus from the amount invested: applies only to the first three month from registration. The referral code is 91623.


Debitum Network

Value (EUR) 249.58
Profit (EUR) 31.60
All time interest rate (%) 9.65


Almost 75% of my accoun value is invested into business loans and the rest are invoice financing loans. I find Debitum Network one of the safest P2P platforms there, with all my loans being repaid on time:

Debitum Network

If you login through this link, you  will receive 10 EUR bonus upon registration (min. invested amount is EUR 250 to be eligible for this promotion). The referral code is 5OTBE.



Value (EUR) 104.16
Profit (EUR) 37.95
Net annual return (%) 11.52


With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic I withdrew most of my funds from PeerBerry (they were nice enough to contact the loan originators and ask the to cancel the loans, which were still active). Now I see that 100% of loans are repaid on time so I’m definitely planning to deposit some more funds in the coming months.

If you login through this link, you  will receive 10 EUR – 1000 EUR bonus, depending on the amount you invest within the first 30 days.



Value (EUR) 355.57
Profit (EUR) 48.25
Annual percentage rate (%) 12.36


Most of loans I invested in are late:


The good thing is, however, they offer BuyBack guarantee, they are still growing (in terms of number of loans and their total amount) and they offer insight into broad statistics on types of loans, their volumes and repayment status (https://system.lenndy.com/statistics), which gives clues where and how to invest using Lenndy as well as a glimpse into the financial condition of the platform itself.

If you login through this link, you  will receive 10 EUR bonus but make sure to invest at least EUR 100.



Value (EUR) 254.69
Profit (EUR) 46.14
Net annual return (%) 11.58


All my loans are no more than 15 days late and I’m simply happy with that. As with most of the P2P platforms, I’m only investing through AutoInvest functionality, to have a predefined investment plan and no need to manually search for loans to invest. The amount of published and funded loans significantly decreased in March and failed to reach previous highs so far ( https://viainvest.com/en/statistics) but still it ranks 20. in the total amount of funding worldwide (https://p2pmarketdata.com/).

If you login through this link, you  will receive 15 EUR bonus but make sure to invest at least EUR 50.



Value (EUR)
Value (PLN)
Profit (EUR)
Profit (PLN)
Net annual return, EUR (%)
Net annual return, PLN (%)


Almost all loans I invested in (both EUR and PLN) are significantly late, meaning there is more than 30 days of delay in repayment. On the other hand, I appreciate the commitment of Iuvo team to keep me informed on the due diligence they are doing, steps towards counteracting COVID-19 hardships, COVID-related updates, they keep asking investors what could be improved and what are our opinions and they were the only ones to personally call me on the phone, which is a big plus for them.



Value (EUR) 205.90
Profit (EUR) 0.00
Estimated interest rate (unrealised, %) 12.75%


Contrary to the above platforms, Reinvest24 offers a way to invest in real estate. They offer both development loans with a fixed ROI as well as property rentals, where you get profit from both rent or operation of the property (here dubbed Yield) and appreciation of the property itself (Capital Growth). In both cases, the total expected annualized return is ca. 11-15%. My two investments at Reinvest24 are business spaces with estimated annualized interest rates of 11.5% and 14%, respectively. I haven’t received any inflow yet, as expected by the way.



Value (EUR) 525.00
Profit (EUR) 2.99
Return (%) 6.50


Like Reinvest24, also Rendity offers a chance to invest into real estate. This is my most recent investment and I only got EUR 2.99 of interest so far. Rendity offers lower interest than most of the P2P platforms but it appears the investments they offer are subject to meticulous due diligence and they cooperate with renowned real estate partners,  therefore is perhaps a bit safer opportunity. Anyway, I’m viewing Rendity as another chance to diversify my portfolio, not only across different pplatforms but also sectors (real estate). Please note that the minimum investment of EUR 500 is required for any project.

When I registered with Rendity, I got EUR 25.00 of bonus. You can get it as well, just follow my affiliate link for Rendity or provide the following referral code during registration: jHNy.


At the end, let’s just summarize my current investments into P2P world:

  • the number of P2P platforms: 15
  • total invested amount:
    • 3852.50 EUR
    • 1997.17 PLN
    • 55711.87 RUB

Please note that I’m not providing any single measure for the yield, I’m only using the calculations provided by the platforms,  so for example in Mintos it is ROI, while in Lenndy it is annual percentage rate – and those parameters are calculated differently. Also, I’m actively managing my portfolio, meaning I’m occasionally withdrawing or depositing funds, so the annualized interest rate (however is calculated) does not necessarily refers to the currently invested amount.

That was quite a lot of reading, wasn’t it? I appreciate your patience 🙂 And I hope you liked it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you for your attention,




  • What you see here is my personal opinion, my own investments and should not be treated as investing advice
  • I’m an amateur investor
  • Products marked in bold represent affiliate links. If you click them and sign up for a service I might earn a commission (and, occassionally, you as well). This is how I can maintain the blog and make it profitable



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