Today I looked for Iuvo Group reviews published or updated withing the last six months. I was only interested in those of them that gave a final score (it was always a system of five stars, with five meaning highest score). I also looked for opinions at portals, such as Trustpilot. With that I calculated an overall score for Iuvo Group, which turned out to be 4.32 out of 5.0. Below, I’m showing details for that simple calculation, some basic data about this P2P lending platform as well as any other information I believe you should know before deciding to invest.


Iuvo Group: key facts

  • Webpage:
  • Established: 2016
  • Country: Estonia
  • Buyback Guarantee: available for all loans
  • Auto-invest and manual investing available
  • Secondary market: available
  • Loan categories: consumer / business / mortgage / secured car loans
  • Average annual investment return: 9.2%
  • Amount of listed loans: 297 million EUR
  • Investors: ca. 20,000
  • Currencies: EUR, BGN, RON, PLN
  • Regulation: IUVO Group is regulated as a credit intermediary licensed by the Estonian Financial Commission Finantsinspeksioon. This means that they do not have approval from every national regulator, but act as a credit intermediary yet they follow the rules of  P2P Best Practices by FinanceEstonia (source)  



Methodology and Results

I was looking for sources of data by googling “Iuvo review”, “Iuvo Erfahrungen” etc. I did the search in English, German, Spanish and Italian. From a list of found reviews I only kept those published or updated in the last six months and providing an overall score for the platform. In this way I got five reviews and scores from two portals with people’s opinions. Here are the details.


1.  Alternative Investments  (

  • Overall score: 4.0
  • Transparency & reliability score: 4.5
  • Date: Aug 2020


 2.  P2P Empire (

  • Overall score: 3.75 (this is mean value of four scores provided by author)
  • Risk & return score: 4.0
  • Date: Sept 2020


 3.   P2P Platforms (

  • Overall score: 5.0
  • Date: May 2020


 4. P2P Lending Sites (

  • Overall score: 4.5 (this is mean value of four scores provided by author)
  • Risk/Reward score = 5.0
  • Date: April 2020


 5.   MyFinTechInvestments (

  • Overall score: 5.0
  • Date: June 2020


Based on those reviews, mean overall score is 4.45


Opinions from portals

 1.  Trustpilot (  

  • 324 opinions, score: 4.2

 2. (

  • 1 opinion, score: 1.0


Weighted average (accounting for the number of people who voted in each poll): (4.2 * 324 + 1.0 * 1) / (324 + 1) = 4.19

The final Iuvo Score is a mean value of “mean overall score” from reviews and “weighted average” from portals:

Iuvo Score = 4.32


(Compare with Viventor)



Complementary information

How Iuvo deals with COVID-19 crisis:

Social  media

Iuvo has active accounts at social media with a couple of posts per month:


Contact with customers

Based on my own experience, Iuvo is sending out 5-10 emails monthly. As expected, recently they are mostly aimed to provide updates on loan originators. What I like about Iuvo team is that they tend to ask customers for feedback and they call the investors occasionally (which I never experienced with the other platforms). Example results of investors’ poll:


Do I invest with Iuvo?

Iuvo is part of my P2P lending portfolio.


Reviews that were not taken into account:



Thank you for your attention,

Michal, the Investing Scientist



  • What you see here is my personal opinion and should not be treated as investing advice
  • I’m investing with Iuvo
  • The post contains no affiliate links; no promotional content
  • P2P lending is not for everyone: one gets relatively high yields but at high risk. If you decide to invest in P2P market, I’d suggest to keep P2P allocation at max. 10%-20% of your investment portfolio