Today I looked for FastInvest reviews published or updated withing the last six months. I was only interested in those of them that gave a final score (it was always a system of five stars, with five meaning highest score). I also looked for opinions at portals, such as Trustpilot. With that I calculated an overall score for FastInvest, which turned out to be as low as 2.78 out of 5.0. Below, I’m showing details for that simple calculation, plus some basic data about this P2P lending platform.

Overall, I’m absolutely NOT recommending putting your money into this platform.


FastInvest: key facts

  • Webpage: 
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes
  • Auto-invest: Yes (minimalistic)
  • Secondary market: Yes
  • Loan categories: consumer loans
  • Loan rates: typically 9-13%
  • Investors: ca. 30,000
  • Currencies: EUR, PLN
  • Regulation (from their website): FAST INVEST LTD is not regulated under any financial services license and is an online peer-to-peer platform acting as an intermediary in the sale of claim rights between investors and loan originators.

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