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I started investing in peer-to-peer lending market in August 2019 and since then I experiened a couple of ups and downs. In particular, COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in the sector, with some of the lending platforms struggling to maintain liquidity or at least getting money back from loan originators, which is partly due to new regulations (such as the one by Polish government, which allows prolonged delays in loan repayments by the originaors). This is why a few months ago I reduced my exposure to P2P lending. Now, however, the situations is gradually improving and I’m thinking of at least returning to my previous highs of invested amounts. I’m going to tell you more about my selection of P2P platforms in the nearest future and probably prepare a couple of reviews for my favourite platforms.

Regarding the below summary, this month I’ll only show you the overall profit. Next time, I’m going to add m/m profit as well. Here are my current holdings.



Value (EUR) 245.22
Profit (EUR) 45.36
Average interest rate (%) 12.47


One of most popular peer-to-peer lending platforms, easy to use (just set up your investment strategy) and all loans come with a BuyBack guarantee. I had no issues with the platform during the COVID-19 crisis.


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It’s finally time for a monthly update of my ETFs portfolio. As you can see, I own quite many ETFs. I might be overdiversifying there but I’m trying to keep balance between different types of ETFs, e.g. across sectors, markets (emerging, developed), countries etc. For now, all of my holdings are in Degiro and are denominated in EUR, hence I’m using euro, not dollar, values in the table below. I’m going to write more on my selection of ETFs and strategy to manage the portfolio. The overall profit from currently active positions is 63.63 euros (2.98% of the invested amount, 2133.66 EUR). Here are the tetails.

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At the time of writing, I own shares of 17 US companies, hand-picked using a couple of different strategies, which I’m going to present you and justify with backtesting in the nearest future. For now, let’s just have a brief look at the holdings.

My overall unrealised profit is only $33.92 and the total invested amount is $1591.14, which translates to 2.13%. This is certainly not much but I’m now rebuilding the portfolio, many of my holdings are relatively new and have sold shares of ten stocks with a nice profit very recently (more on this later).

Akamai Technologies (AKAM)
Value $102.36
Current price $107.66
Total profit (%) 2.36
Weiss rating B (Buy)
Zacks rank 3 (Hold)
Expert recommendation Buy
Target price $117-$124

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